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What We Do & How We Do It

Team81 provides effective, lean, and adaptable professional and technology services. Our focus is on aligning and maximizing our team members’ strengths. By doing this, we can achieve business goals while maintaining an awesome work environment.
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Our Mission

Dr. Jamie Williams founded Team81 Inc. in 2020 to feed his entrepreneurial spirit and fulfill his quest to build and grow a successful minority-owned company. His goal is to establish a high-performing entity that simultaneously becomes a great place to work.

Mission Statement

Team81 delivers pioneering, professional services (staffing, consulting, statement of work), focused on future supply chain resiliency, digital transformation and talent capabilities that efficiently improve business success and sustainability

Our Principles

The name Team81 reflects Dr. Williams’ successful journey as a professional athlete, Super Bowl winner, and entrepreneur. His core ideologies are ethical leadership, design thinking, teamwork, mindfulness, reverse accountability, and strategic flexibility.

The Flow

Team – compete with strong interdependence and ethics
Honor – respect self, community and the environment
Energy – move from inertia
Fearless – aspire to deliver quality profit opportunities
Learning – seek innovative insights and solutions
Overachieve – exceed expectation in all we do
Win – diver market-driven services across the goal line

Our Vision

Vision Statement

Team81 aspires to deliver superior future technology and services that benefit people, delivering the highest quality solutions and customer satisfaction every single time

What Sets Us Apart

Team81 is unique through leadership capability and its mission as a brand.

1. Essential

Due to the global pandemic, there exists an increase in the adoption of technology across sectors, including upgrading supply chains and boosting talent capabilities.

2. Future-Focused

Team81 anticipates technology and workforce developments to stay ahead of the curve. The client’s wants and needs and the rush of new technologies are what drive our futuristic services and revolutionary process changes.

3. Dynamic

In this age of disruptive and ever-changing technology, we provide flexibility in requirement analysis, design, and implementation while absorbing customer feedback.

4. Teamwork

Our guiding philosophy encourages teamwork and accountability to mitigate the associated risks of uncertainty. We trust in ourselves and each other to get the job done.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Jamie Williams’ principles, along with the lessons he learned during his journey as a professional athlete, Super Bowl winner, and entrepreneur, are reflected in the way Team81 does business.

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams

President and CEO


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