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We achieve business process management through agility, scalability, and customer orientation. By using Agile tools that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality projects and critical chain project management (CCPM), we can analyze, improve, and achieve goals.

Team81 – 8 Strengths:

  • Talented professionals
  • Engaged management
  • Adaptive strategies
  • Motivation for success
  • Winning culture
  • Optimized technology
  • Risk mitigation
  • Knowledge transfer

1 Goal!

Digital Transformation Augmentation

Use cutting-edge technologies to enhance the ingenuity and expertise of your company.

  • Deliver lean management practices and cloud and data management tools that improve a company’s predictive ability across services.
  • Ensure clients stay ahead by managing AI, Cloud, and Big Data technologies that increase efficiencies and future insights.
  • Increase risk management and cybersecurity effectiveness.

Workforce Orientation & Skill Development Automation

Elevate workforce output and productivity by identifying repetitive tasks and reducing redundancies in workflow processes.

  • Talent Development for post-Covid realities and opportunities.
  • Empower both internal employees and external partners with new skills and teamwork interdependence.

Supply Chain Re-format & Autonomy

Create a consistent and sustainable workflow by making supply chains autonomous and self-healing.

  • Optimize your digital supply chain with innovative analytics that increases speed and efficiency, reduces cost, and quickens time-to-market through project and content management technologies.
  • Employ hyper-automation that coalesces chain technologies through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate business processes—providing real-time data and risk management Insights while enabling quick solutions.
  • Increase service levels, reduce logistical costs and improve delivery responses.


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