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Cybercrime and cyberwarfare are terms we have come to hear more frequently in the digital era. Eminent businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffet describes it as “the single most dangerous problem with mankind”. With more and more companies operating through online platforms post the covid-19 pandemic, cybersecurity investments have increased drastically to ensure safe and efficient functioning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been central to the development of most, if not all, security strategies employed. Let us understand why.


Analyzing Huge Volume of Data

AI can analyze seemingly endless quantities of data and identify patterns and behaviors which can never be recognized by human beings. These patterns function as a database that gets updated every time new data is added while simultaneously detecting anomalies and deviations from good behavior. This accomplishes the very aim of cybersecurity i.e to identify a potential problem and rectify it before happening. With AI providing round-the-clock security, human resources can be redirected to other areas of business.


Integrating and Maintaining Data Systems

Most businesses run on integrated systems which include servers, software, and network working in tandem with storage and memory. Machine learning is a major part of running an integrated system and it takes a lot of time and human effort. In such a scenario managing multiple data systems and maintaining them is beyond the scope of human power. AI, on the other hand, can navigate through multiple systems by constantly updating itself and making improvements wherever necessary on a daily basis.


Complex Encryptions

AI can understand the security pathways and protocols i.e encryptions, within seconds. Similarly, it can store both processed and unprocessed data in a safe and untraceable manner. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal information will not be revealed under AI without access such as a retinal scan or fingerprint. Due to its ever-expanding knowledge base, AI can come up with extremely strong and stable encryptions to keep information safe.


Data Backup

One of the routine and daily functions of AI is to constantly back up the existing data and new data which is being fed into the system. Manual backups will consume massive amounts of time and human resources slowing down the efficiency of the overall process. Further, there is always the possibility of human error. With AI taking over, backups happen at a very high frequency ensuring that no data is lost in the event of a security breach.


AI – A Double-Edged Sword

It is important to understand that when a system functions with the high degree of efficiency and accuracy that AI does, malfunction can have catastrophic consequences. If a human cybersecurity system fails, the damage is reversible and controlled in comparison to the global impact when an AI system fails. Further, since data for an AI system is fed manually a single wrong character can alter the functioning of the system. Therefore, human involvement and AI development should go hand in hand.

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