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Supply chain autonomy allows manufacturers to order and deliver parts where they are needed without human intervention. There are several advantages to setting this as your end goal if you are a manufacturer. However, setting up the process requires careful planning from experts like Team 81 in McLean, Virginia.


Since humans are no longer involved in supply chain decisions, your products become more uniform. This is an excellent advantage as you can devote more human resources to long-term decision-making instead of real-time supply-chain decisions.


There is often a breakdown in communications between different departments in most manufacturing facilities. Add in the fact that suppliers and end-point vendors must communicate with you and often fail to do so. An autonomous supply chain removes the need for that communication because it relies on data that is automatically collected.


Autonomous supply chains are set up to be driven by data from the point of sale. This allows your company to build the products as they are needed. Therefore, you do not end up with many products that are not what the consumer wants. Additionally, it helps ensure that the products they want are always in stock. You can even set up your automation to re-order materials for making your products.

Increases Agility

Using an autonomous supply chain allows your company to be more agile. This can often improve your profit margin because you build products as consumers request them, so you do not discount as many overstock products. Avoiding stock-in-hand means that you can operate in a smaller space. Additionally, the process uses real-time data to determine what is working in the marketplace and what is failing.

Improves Team Morale

Employees at the bottom enjoy working for a company with an autonomous supply chain because they know that the supplies that they need to complete the tasks they are given will be available when and where they need them. This cuts down on frustrations and helps to ensure that talented workers stay with your company. Meanwhile, employees in management get to spend their time helping to create long-term projects. Therefore, you can often be the first to market when a new product is needed. Managers love spending time on projects instead of solving problems caused by a lack of supplies.

Improves Profitability

When you do not have to stockpile many supplies or pay employees to run around looking for supplies, your company becomes more profitable. Additionally, since consumers find your products on the shelf when they need them, they come to trust your company. Furthermore, since your products are more uniform, they are even more likely to recommend them to their friends and family because they know they will work.

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